ivolution - it and engineering consulting

Customised, innovative solutions

Sustainable - Guaranty for the future

Intercultural communication

Customised, innovative solutions

Efficient and Reliable

ivolution GmbH IT- und Engineering Consulting

ivolution LLC - a fresh and innovative company - provides you best in class service with a wide experience in:

- Managing and leading IT projects preferential in financial services
- Development of individual top notch software solutions using latest technologies
- Classic or agile IT project management (PMP, Scrum)
- Development of algorithms

We focus on providing efficient real world solutions for your business anticipating your needs and considering costs and sustainability.  

Our claim

Technologies are no religion - we focus on a pragmatically solution.

Sustainable solutions as basis for successful future.

Think global
Intercultural communication and project work is not just a buzz word for us.

Providing reliable solutions is one of our main assets.

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